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Class Details

Tuition: $310

Materials fee: $80


Students bring: all materials and safety equipment will be provided. Please wear close fitting clothes, close toed shoes and tie up long hair. You may bring your own eye and ear protection if you prefer.

Please note: when you click register you will be directed to a payment link to finalize your registration.

Need a scholarship to attend a class? We offer full and half tuition awards (scholarships do not apply to class materials fee). Email to register.

Nathaniel Stein

Corvallis, OR

Saturday & Sunday, May 11th - 12th

9am - 4pm each day (14 hours)


A two day exploration of stool making, this class delves into the principles of attaching legs to a seat with wedged through tenons. This same technique can be applied to a variety of forms, such as chairs, benches, and stands of all shapes and sizes. A mix of hand and power tools will be used for this class, with a bit of comparison between the two.

The first day will focus on planning, stock preparation, and cutting and shaping the legs and seats. On the second day we will ream holes and shape tenons and glue up the stools.  Tools used: Tapered reamer and tenon cutter, draw knife, spoke shave, hand plane, drill press, table saw, bandsaw, router. 

Location: Highland Woodshop

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About Highland Woodshop 


We come from humble, adventurous beginnings and love to share that laid-back sense of friendship through craft with you. We are a small shop, located on a family property, run by three dedicated folks, Ashley Merback, Nat Stein and Kat Edmonds, who are excited to bring woodshop knowledge and access to our community. Our model includes monthly/yearly membership options that foster creative community, knowledge sharing, and localized environmental action. We also facilitate classes, teach custom classes for small groups, staff retreats, and private lessons.

Katherine Edmonds
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Corvallis, OR

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