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All Tarweed Folk School classes will be held in Corvallis, Oregon, operating at three distinct locations. Greenbelt Land Trust, the Corvallis Waldorf School, and Highland Woodshop are generously hosting classes in our 2024 season. One week prior to your class, you will receive an email with specific instructions on what to bring, how to get to class, and other important details. If you have questions or would like these details sooner than one week before class, please email

While some parking is available at each of our class locations, Tarweed Folk School would like all students and teachers to do what they can to limit the use of fossil fuels at our events. Please help us and envision ways to carpool or bike to class!


Directions to Greenbelt Land Trust's Bald Hill Farm

PLEASE NOTE: If you enter "Bald Hill Farm" in Google Maps, it DOES NOT lead you to the correct location to this class.

1. From downtown Corvallis take Harrison Blvd. towards 53 rd St.  

2. Once Harrison crosses 53rd St., it becomes Oak Creek Drive. Continue straight onto Oak Creek Drive for just under 1 mile after crossing 53rd St.  

3. You will pass the public parking lot to Bald Hill Natural Area and continue for 0.3 miles

4. Just past a large green and white sign saying ‘Bald Hill Farm’, turn LEFT onto a driveway.

5. Stay to the left across a small bridge - you will be driving on a gravel road. Continue for just over 1/2 mile on this gravel road. Once you are on this gravel road there is no way to get off-course – the only place you can end up is at the house at Bald Hill Farm.

6. End by turning LEFT, down driveway. The house (blue/grey) will be in your RIGHT.

Screen Shot 2023-07-21 at 10.31.32 AM.png

*Note on Parking: Greenbelt Land Trust’s Bald Hill Farm is located at the end of a long, single lane gravel road. The road may become congested as students arrive and leave from the area, use caution when arriving and leaving on this road. Accessibility parking is available by the house. 


Directions to Corvallis Waldorf School

3855 NE Hwy 20, Corvallis, OR 97330

1. From downtown Corvallis, take US-20 E/NW 2nd St northbound towards Albany.

2. Continue for 2.8 miles until you reach a light that intersects with NE Conifer Blvd.

3. End by turning right on NE Conifer Blvd into the parking lot.



Directions to Highland Woodshop

PLEASE NOTE: If you enter "Highland Woodshop" onto a GPS it will NOT lead you to the correct address.

It can be difficult to find because our shop is on private property so please follow these directions.


Plug 1936 NW McDougal Dr. into your GPS. This address will take you to our street parking.  Park on the curvy part of McDougal. When you park on the curve, you'll see a small Highland Woodshop sign on a stump at the entrance of a small clearing leading to the back of Highland Woodshop.  Head down that graveled/grassy lane and find us in the big barn, the garage doors will be open. 

Accessible parking: 


Put Highland Dell Dr., no address, in your GPS. Once you get to Highland Dell Dr. go straight onto the dirt road at the back of the cul de sac and stay left. You’ll run right into the shop!

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