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Saturday, July 20th

Session 1, for families: 9am - 12pm

Session 2, for all: 1 - 4pm

This class will introduce participants to the art of traditional blacksmithing. Students will team up to learn how to build and maintain a fire, use various tools and learn techniques in which to shape iron. Each participant will make various types of hooks that they can take home and use in their homes.


Session 1 is designed for youth 8-17 to participate WITH their parent or guardian. The tuition and materials includes the fees for two spots (the youth and their parent or guardian). Adults alone are not eligible for this class.

Session 2 is designed for adults. Youth 8-17 can register if their parent our guardian is also registered for the class, though we recommend families register for session 1. Registration for session 2 only accounts for one spot per person. 

Location: Corvallis Waldorf School

Class Details

Session 1, for families

Tuition: $140

Materials Fee: $30 (1 ticket = 2 spots)

Session 2, for all individuals

Tuition: $70

Materials Fee: $15 (1 ticket = 1 spot)

Students bring: a pair of safety glasses, non-synthetic work gloves, long sleeves (wool or cotton is best), and close-toed shoes.

Need a scholarship to attend a class? We offer full and half tuition awards (scholarships do not apply to class materials fee). Email to register.

Chris Highfield
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Corvallis, Oregon

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