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Class Details

Tuition: $180

Materials fee: none


Students bring:

The only required tools are an open, sober mind and a positive attitude.

If you have any of the following, water bottle, gloves, eye protection, ear protection, dust mask, close toed shoes, pencil, tape measure, 1-½ “ framing chisel, mallet, framing square, combination square, hand saw, notebook. This is the best intro Timber Frame book ever written: Learn To Timber Frame by Will Beemer.  I strongly suggest you buy and read this book before class. It will be our sacred text during the class.  


Any other tools that you have, want to use, think might be useful, have no idea what it is, belonged  to your grandpa, want to share, or show and tell, please bring.

Please note: when you click the above button you will be rerouted to register with one of our site host organizations.

Need a scholarship to attend a class? We offer full and half tuition awards (scholarships do not apply to class materials fee). Email to register.

Saturday - Sunday, July 22nd & 23rd

9am - 4pm (14 hours)


Come join us on the job site and become part of the crew as we layout, cut, and raise a timber frame oven shelter. All skill levels welcome. Students will be encouraged to take as much knowledge as their brains are safely able to hold and to practice with tools and techniques as much as they feel comfortable. The goal is for each student to leave with a greater level of confidence and excitement for the next stage of your building journey.

This class is a community build class, where all students work together on a project for a predetermined recipient. For this reason, there is no materials fee, only tuition, which helps support the teacher and the school as you learn these new skills.

Age Requirement: this class is for adults 18 years and older.

Location: TBD (registration through Highland Woodshop)

William Fowlkes
RS_William Fowlkes Headshot.jpg

Kings Valley, Oregon

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