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Students bring: All materials necessary will be provided. Feel free to bring your own safety goggles and ear protection, and wear close fitting clothes and close toed shoes. Long hair should be secured.

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This class is not currently being offered. 




Staghorn ferns are basically vegan antlers. And they beat the omnivorous kind any day! Students will learn to plane down a rough cut cedar lumber into smooth wall worthy wood, cut it to size with a miter saw, use a router to cut a keyhole for hanging your fern and learn proper techniques with a power drill. Perfect for a group of friends looking to dip their toes into wood working for the first time, even the more experienced woodworker can appreciate the joy of a gorgeous fern hanging on their wall

Age Requirement: This class is for adults and youth age 14 and older.

Ashley Merback

Corvallis, OR

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