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Students bring: Please bring any seed that you’ve collected or saved that you’d like to learn  how to clean. As well, Please bring water for the plant walk and trail shoes. 

Need a scholarship to attend a class? We offer full and half tuition awards (scholarships do not apply to class materials fee). Email to register.

​This class is not currently being offered. 




Students will learn the basics of seed saving from start to finish. The lesson will begin with a plant ID walk, where we will discuss when to harvest and ethical collection practices. We will then work on various seed cleaning techniques for a variety of wild plant species. Each student will have the opportunity to bring home a little bag of seed that we’ve cleaned. This is a great class for anyone wanting to learn more about regenerative agriculture and saving seeds for seasons to come. Please bring any seed samples that you’d like to clean together

Age Requirement: for adults and youth 8-17 if their parent or guardian is also registered for the class.

Emily Wittkop

Corvallis, Oregon

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