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photo description: Coil built Jomon Era inspired "Fiddlehead Vessel"

Class Details


Students bring: ​curiosity, hands with clipped nails, writing instrument, journal/paper.


Age requirement: this class is for adults 18 years and older.

Need a scholarship to attend a class? We offer full and half tuition awards (scholarships do not apply to class materials fee). Email to register.

Teiya Inokuma

Philomath, Oregon

This class is not currently being offered.



An exploration of the material from dear earth: clay.


Relationships often take a life-time for clarity to rise up from a shared experience. Clay is an ancient material with a long history. Our primitive selves know the material intrinsically. Our modernized minds can feel differently. If you are feeling overwhelmed with movements of technology and want a way to express our innate thoughtful processes, this medium is infinitely supportive.


This four part series is an invitation for curiosity, a dance of our hands/bodies/experiences with clay and listening. Beginner to Advanced welcome, no experience necessary.



  • Walk a creek and look for signs of clay, learn how to identify and process found clay

  • Set intentions by arriving with having done some research/contemplation on a cultural heritage of personal interest, enough to share some inspiration of style, technique or form with each other

  • Slow down, and experiment with dropping our thought world into silence while exploring/learning the material

  • Learn/apply ancient techniques of forming clay with hands

  • Learn/apply techniques of feeling into how/what marks to make on clay, expressing your inspirations

  • Make slips and colorized clay for applying on forms


Let’s share story with each other to continue what our ancestors share with us.

And, as our generous Greenbelt Land Trust host location is not able to host a primitive style firing, I will provide printed information on different firing techniques to inspire you to continue this process off location on your own or with others in this group, along with an on-going conversation about possibilities and curiosities.  

(Your pieces will be fired at a very, very low-fire setting in a kiln, so you will be able to handle and transport them and continue the firing process on your own, or possibly with others from this group. Pieces need to be retrieved the following Wednesday or within 1 week, please plan accordingly.)


All from deep gratitude to clay, and its origins, earth.

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