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Tuition: $180

Materials fee: $70


Students bring: Bring your own scissors and fabric. This is an opportunity to clean out a linen closet, rag bag, or pile of old jeans. Any clean natural fabric (cotton or wool is best) will work. You will need between 1 and 3 paper grocery bag's worth, depending on the density of the fabric. Sheets - 1 bag, old bath towels - 3 bags. Combinations of fabric form can be used as long as it is the same origin, i.e. cotton sheets and cotton bath towels can be used together for interesting patterns and texture.

This class is not currently being offered.




Rug twining is a craft that is easy to learn and makes use of inexpensive or cast off materials. It is a project that can be finished relatively quickly, and you will have a useful object for your home. In this two day class, students not only learn to weave a rug on a twining frame loom, they learn to build the loom itself! On day one, students will practic basic woodworking skills to measure, cut, and assemble their loom. On the second day, students will warp their new loom and weave a rug using recycled fibers.


 If you are looking for something to do that can be set aside and returned to with no difficulty, and is pretty much a meditation once you get into it, twined rug weaving could be for you! This craft will also uncover your creative self as you work with color and pattern.  Not to mention, you’ll go home with your very own loom with which to keep weaving long after the class is done.

Age Requirement: this class is for adults 18 and older.

Location: Corvallis Waldorf School

Please note: when you click register you will be directed to a payment link to finalize your registration.

Need a scholarship to attend a class? We offer full and half tuition awards (scholarships do not apply to class materials fee). Email to register.

Sarah Edwardsson
RS_Sarah Edwardsson

Corvallis, Oregon

Barry Glassman
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Corvallis, Oregon

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