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Class Details

Tuition: $90

Materials Fee: $25

Students bring: their hands, feet, and imagination. 

Need a scholarship to attend a class? We offer full and half tuition awards (scholarships do not apply to class materials fee). Email to register.

Sunday, July 21st

9am - 4pm (7 hours)

Want to build your own wood-fired oven? Feeling daunted by cost or lack of experience? Want to learn more about building with natural materials (aka cob, or adobe)? Gather with us as we go through all the steps for building a wood-fired oven out of the earth underfoot. The materials and process make it inexpensive, but the design and performance equals a custom or pre-fab brick oven. We will work together, hands on, to identify good material, use simple tools and fun exercise to make our mixes, (barefoot, yum!), then shape, insulate, plaster, and heat it up for cooking! From fuel to fire to storing heat, we'll also cover the basics of burning wood – not only for cooking, but also for increasing comfort in your home. Small teams will each make a complete mini oven. Then you can go home, invite your friends over for a mud party, and build your own!

Age Requirement: for adults and youth16-17. Youth must be accompanied by a parent of guardian also registered for the class.

Location: Corvallis Waldorf School

Kiko Denzer
RS_Kiko Denzer Headshot.jpg

Philomath, Oregon

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