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Our first weekend of 2024 classes is coming up May 11th and 12th--just over a month away! We've also added 3 NEW classes to the roster, including broom making, goat milking, and willow basket weaving! Full and partial tuition scholarships are available to all upon request, and remember that students and their families will also be invited to a pizza potluck the Saturday evening of classes. We hope you'll join us!

In response to the enormous enthusiasm we got from all of you, we are also looking for ways to build a folk education outside a typical class structure, in a more grassroots way. How can we have more ongoing, self-organized gatherings, work-parties, skill-shares, and workshops? What else can we figure out to make it easier to learn what we want and need to learn? The work of a folk school is what we make it. Right?

We are excited to offer a full weekend of classes in both May and July, taught by skilled local educators, craftspeople, scientists, tradespeople, small business owners, and members of our Willamette Valley communities. Today, we are opening our MAY classes for registration. Read below to see a full list of classes by date, or visit our website to view classes by category and register today!

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